"The work ethic, creative imagination, marketing skills and industry contacts are all exemplary. The CMAB is delighted with the results." 

- David Freedheim, California Milk Advisory Board

About EightFold Group
We are an international team of professional innovators, technologists, ideators, creatives, facilitators, managers and mentors who provide access to the sustainable products and services that conscientious people want and need. We're the ones you call on to do it the right way. Our affiliate media and interactive production company is Samuel Sellem Production.

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Mindful management for sustainable brands.

Marketing, Advertising, Communication
Invigorate your go-to-market strategy. Enhance your network of relationships. Utilize the best techniques and tools. Implement the appropriate media platform for promotions and audience engagement. Track results. Magazines, Broadcast TV, Movies, E-mail, Banners, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.-- any combination of current services. EightFold Group helps you publicize, perform, converse and convert.








Interactive Design and Development
We provide process and resources to design and build effective online presence. Websites that are easy to use and maintain, Apps that convey and optimize transactions. People with know-how and understanding. Questions answered. Smart data to make conscious decisions that improve performance.

Collaborative Consultation
Eightfold Group provides insight and solutions. Your greatest challenge is our game. When you need it framed, focused or fixed we make it so.

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